Don't see a session about that burning topic you've got? No problem! Head over to rooms 114 and 116 to join our Open Spaces community. Right after our beginning keynote we will hold our opening ceremony to explain how the open spaces will work and for people to suggest topic ideas. Then you can find other attendees with similar interests and get your session in a time slot on our board. We will run 2 open spaces session during each regular session time slot, so there will be plenty of opportunity to learn new things. Follow the hashtag #MCAOpenSpaces to get schedule updates and join the conversations online.

Need some advice from an Agile expert? We have several of them available in our Agile Coaching Corner in room 118. For each session time slot after our beginning keynote, there will be 2 Agile coaches ready to answer all your burning questions. This tends to be very popular, so head over to the board posted outside room 118 to sign up early for one of the 25 minute coaching slots. Follow the hashtag #MCACoachesCorner on Twitter for updates and schedule openings.

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