Code of Conduct

Participants must respect common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: deliberate intimidation; stalking; sustained or willful disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; use of sexual or discriminatory imagery, comments, or jokes; and unwelcome sexual attention.

Music City Agile reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the membership and badge of any participant not in compliance with this policy. Persons finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately contact a crew member, so that the matter can be handled in an expeditious manner.

During conference hours you can always find a crew member at the registration booth located in the Swang lobby. Please visit us there if you have any concerns or questions.


Music City Agile values diversity. The greatest experience will be had by all attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and vendors when diversity is a core value. To this extent, the leadership of Music City Agile seeks diversity in all aspects of the conference including the planning team, volunteers, speakers, and attendees. The end goal is for all participants to learn from the rich set of ideas, skills, and experiences that we have as a global and varied group of humans. In this vein, we welcome and encourage submissions from all minority groups that have been traditionally under represented at technical conferences.


We take the comfort and safety of our guests and staff very seriously, so if you experience or witness any type of inappropriate behavior, find one of the Music City Agile staff in the blue "CREW" shirts, or email our director at

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